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Updated August 2023

  1. Reservations and Bookings: Information about how customers can make reservations or bookings for tables, events, or private parties. This might include details on cancellation policies and any associated fees.

  2. Payment and Pricing: Details on the accepted payment methods, pricing of food and beverages, as well as any applicable taxes or service charges.

  3. Code of Conduct: Expectations for customer behavior within the lounge, such as policies regarding dress code, smoking, or disruptive behavior.

  4. Age Restrictions: If the lounge has age restrictions (e.g., 21+ only), it would be specified in the terms and conditions.

  5. Liability and Disclaimer: Information about the lounge's liability for any loss, damage, or injury incurred by customers on the premises.

  6. Intellectual Property: Clarification on the ownership of the lounge's branding, logos, and content, and restrictions on the use of intellectual property by customers.

  7. Privacy and Data Collection: A reference to the privacy policy, explaining how customer data is collected, used, and protected.

  8. Events and Entertainment: If the lounge hosts events, there might be specific terms related to ticket purchases, entry conditions, and rules during events.

  9. Opening Hours: The lounge's regular operating hours and any exceptions or special hours for holidays or events.

  10. Changes to Terms: If the terms and conditions are subject to change, the process for informing customers about updates.

  11. Contact Information: How customers can get in touch with the lounge for inquiries or feedback.

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