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Candle Lounge Bar Area - Relaxing Atmosphere and Cozy Ambiance
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How long does a candle pouring last?

Our traditional workshops take around 1 hour! This includes time to choose both fragrance and vessel, often the class time is a bit shorter. You can always stick around to continue enjoying your drinks and shopping the retail store with your discount!

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Definitely! The event is BYOB. Seltzers, beer, and wine only.

What is the age requirement to pour a candle?

Because our candle pouring workshops include handling hot wax and fragrance oils, children must be 10 years and older to participate. Anyone under 18 must have a guardian present to sign their waiver. Additionally, children under 10 are not permitted in the workshop space. Safety first!

Can I take my candle home with me after pouring?

Our candles require one hour to cure after pouring. You can pick it up later as our pickup zone has 24 hour access as candles can picked up anytime that day, tomorrow or during the week or we can ship your candle to you for $8. All candles are shipped out by the middle of the following week and should be received 3-7 business days from that time. Once shipped we are not responsible for Any Refunds as you will need to file a claim with USPS if you have yet to receive you candles.

Can I have a private event?

Celebrations are always welcome at Golden Blk Candle Lounge

See below for Private Event info.

Can I mix fragrances or bring my own vessel?

Our fragrances and vessels have to go through safety testing, so we can't allow you to mix fragrances or bring your own vessel.

Can I buy empty vessels or fragrance oils from you?

We're happy to sell empty vessels to you! They can be purchased for $8.00 each.

We do not sell fragrance oils at this time. 

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